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This Blog discontinued; see our Facebook page

Alas, keeping up with a blog has proved difficult.  The links on this blog (such as Mold-A-Rama machines or change machines at Disney World) will remain active, but new content will not be added to the blog.

All new information will appear on our Facebook page, zzzcoins.  Please look for it and “like” the page to receive frequent updates.



We haven’t forgotten you . . .

Life has been pretty busy, so I have not regularly updated this blog. I will have more information about the Disney Springs-area hotel machines (5 machines) and a new machine at the Hilton in the Bonnet Creek area.

In the meantime, our Facebook page (zzzcoins) stays more up-to-date and also features nearly daily posts highlighting a day in Disney history as illustrated by an elongated coin.  Like that page to receive those updates.


Last 2018 coin finally on stage

The final 2018 quarter has been placed on-stage at the All Star Movies resort.  This completes the set of 15 dated coins for 2018.

The coin was to be placed at Stage 1 Company Store (the Muppets store) in Hollywood Studios, but part of that store is being renovated.  This leaves Hollywood Studios as the only park without a dated quarter – but we’ll accept it!


Nightmare Before Christmas gets zinc treatment

We have the concept art from Disney World’s coin vendor for this new machine placed at Disney’s Days of Christmas store, a year-round location at Disney Springs. The 8-die machine was placed there last week. As with similar machines, it dispenses its own zinc pennies.  The Days of Christmas store is located in the Marketplace near Rainforest Cafe. store


Quick July Updates


June 16: still there

The two penny presses that had been moved to the ticket area at DisneyQuest are gone, and likely retired.  The Wreck-It Ralph machines are also gone, and may be retired.

When I visited on June 16, Inoventions was down to one machine – the one that includes Figment was located in Innoventions East.  By July 7, though, was reporting that the Figment machine was retired, and the other Innoventions machine had been brought back from retirement and placed at the Epcot Pin Trading station (a new location for a penny press).  The official CTM Group maps still show a machine at Innoventions and none at Pin Trading, though. (Those maps are not necessarily accurate)

The D23 convention in Anaheim had lots of news.  There was, however, no penny press at this year’s show.