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January 2017 updates from Disney World

There are a lot of updates this month, so I’ll just rattle them off quickly.


The 2017 coins have been in place since the first week, but machines have been out of order so it is difficult to build complete sets.  During my visit, three machines (out of 15 with dated designs) were broken.

Disney Springs

A new 4-die machine was installed at the walkway outside the World of Disney Store with new designs.  They are available for sale on my website.


Magic Kingdom

The two machines at Verandah Breezeway connecting Frontierland with Adventureland were removed in December.  The Adventureland designs came back in January.  The change machine also returned.  The Island Supply machine with Lion King designs did not return.

There are no longer change machines at the Tomorrowland Power & Light location; the arcade has closed.  The penny, dime and quarter machines are still there.

The 8-die Toy Story machine in Tomorrowland is located inside the photo pickup area of the Buzz Lightyear ride.  The 4-die machine at the Buzz Lightyear kiosk has returned.


Innoventions once again has machines in both the East and West buildings.

Hollywood Studios

The official maps don’t show this, but the 4-die Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster machine in the courtyard is still at that location.

The Tower of Terror courtyard machine (4 dies) continues to roll short for copper pennies.  One contributor to my Facebook page reports that he had better luck with zinc coins.

Although Pizza Planet once housed numerous penny presses, its replacement PizzeRizzo has none.

The Celebrity 5 & 10 machine is inaccessible during renovations of the neighboring photo shop.


The price of penny books has gone up to $11.99.  The new design and the Tinkerbell design are both available at most locations.


The two Wreck-It Ralph machines have been moved from inside Disney Quest to the store.

The machine outside Pioneer Hall at Fort Wilderness was not found on my mid-January visit, and cast members did not know what happened to it.




2017 coins coming to Disney World

Although I do not have confirmation that all the coins are on-stage yet, the vendor who handles pressed coins at Disney World (CTM Group) has included new 2017 designs on its maps of machine locations.  Here are the details:

There will be 15 coins, as in 2015 and 2016.  The locations will be the same as where the 2016 machines ended up (remember – there were some moves during construction at Hollywood Studios) with one exception.

Again, there will be 8 pennies, which includes a numbered series of 4.  There will also be 7 quarters.

The exception: One of the 2016 pennies had ended up at Island Supply Co./Verandah Breezeway in Adventureland.  Two machines at that location have been removed, according to the maps (I will confirm their status in mid-January when I visit).  To replace the 2016 design, a 2017 design has been placed at the 3-die machine at Rock Around the Shop, the coaster gift shop at Hollywood Studios.

I have adapted the artwork from the CTM Group’s website to create these images:



2017-quartersThe new coin at Rock Around the Shop replaces the old Walt Disney Studios design with a silhouette Mickey and camera.  Hollywood Studios has struggled with name and icon changes over the year –  the Earful Tower was once the symbol of the Studios, replaced by the Sorcerer’s Hat.  Now it appears the Tower of Terror is the icon representing the Studios, at least on three of these coins.

January 2 update:  Not all the coins were on-stage as of January 1. It appears (as in years past) it might take a few days for all to be ready.

Another Star Wars machine installed – this time at Studios

launch-bayAnother zinc-laden 8-die machine was added in early November.  This new Star Wars machine is found at the Launch Bay area (a Star Wars preview/memorabilia exhibit/shop) in the Animation Courtyard at Hollywood Studios.  An earlier announcement from the vendor that runs the penny press operation (CTM Group/The Pennymen) stated that the machine was installed at Disney Springs, but their own maps show the Hollywood Studios location.

This marks the fourth current Star Wars machine (three 8-die, one 3-die).  Two are located at Hollywood Studios, and two at Disney Springs.

There also are ten electronic zinc machines: four at Disney Springs, two at Magic Kingdom, three at Studios (one is the 12-die Heroines machine, the first electronic machine at Disney), and one at Epcot (the “Frozen” set moved from Disney Springs).

On their Facebook page, The Pennymen addressed the criticism of their use of zinc pennies, stating that it is too difficult to obtain copper cents.  Thus, they are aware of collector concerns but are defending their setup.  This sad trend only appears to be intensifying.


Disneyland replacement of 60th anniversary machines almost complete

All but one machine from the 60th anniversary series at Disneyland has been replaced by new machines with entirely new designs.  The quarter machine that had been placed at the currently-closed Main Street railroad station (and later moved to the Penny Arcade) has been removed but not yet replaced.

The new machines include designs devoted to the upcoming (Thanksgiving) Disney movie Moana, Winnie the Pooh, Pirates of the Caribbean, Beauty and the Beast (quarters), Toy Story, Finding Dory, and Indiana Jones.  In addition, the non-60th Tiki Room set in Adventureland has been swapped out for a set of coins with Stitch & Angel from the Lilo & Stitch TV series.

This means 12 new machines (3 coins each) have been introduced in Anaheim in the past couple months, with one more expected to follow.  As always, a reliable up-to-date list of machine locations is found at the ParkPennies website.

3 more 8-die machines at WDW

buzz8designs marvel8designs-onceupon splash8designs is reporting three new 8-die electronic machines added in late September.  A Marvel machine has been added to the Once Upon a Toy store at Disney Springs, and an entire machine devoted to Buzz Lightyear is now found at the Buzz Lightyear ride.  The 4-die machine at the Buzz Lightyear cart is off-stage.  Finally, the existing 3-die machine in the Splash Mountain store has been replaced by a new 8-die unit.

11/3/2016 update: I have added photos from the CTM Group website, which features a guide to press locations at Disney World.