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Disneyland 2018 nickels on stage

Boomer at has reported new nickel machines at Jolly Trolly Treats (DCA) and the Main Street Opera House exit (DL).  In addition, the Finding Dory machine, which was removed from DCA’s Kingswell Camera for a holiday nickel machine, is back.


2018 coins already appearing at WDW is reporting that as of December 27 the new 2018 coins have already been placed at the All Star Resorts and Animal Kingdom. It is expected there will be 15 coins again (8 pennies, 7 quarters) in the same locations, but the quarter machine found in 2017 at the Stage One store (near the Muppets show) is currently unavailable due to construction.  Since Disney did a good job with the dated coins in the past, we expect the machine will be moved somewhere else.

Meanwhile, in California the holiday nickel sets are on stage at Disneyland and California Adventure, reports

UPDATE: reports that, as of January 2, three 2018 coins were not yet on-stage: the Grand Floridian 2nd-floor lobby (penny), the Rock Around the Shop store at Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster (penny), and the quarter machine at Stage 1 Company Store (the “Muppets” store), which is closed off behind a construction wall.



Sales page updated with several Disneyland sets

My sales page has been updated with numerous sets from Disneyland.  This includes all the machines that have been installed since the 60th anniversary celebration ended in 2016.

All pennies are pressed on pre-1982 copper cents, and quarters are pressed on AU and BU quarters. In addition, there is a selection of designs pressed on foreign coins that are the same size as American coins.

Quick July Updates


June 16: still there

The two penny presses that had been moved to the ticket area at DisneyQuest are gone, and likely retired.  The Wreck-It Ralph machines are also gone, and may be retired.

When I visited on June 16, Inoventions was down to one machine – the one that includes Figment was located in Innoventions East.  By July 7, though, was reporting that the Figment machine was retired, and the other Innoventions machine had been brought back from retirement and placed at the Epcot Pin Trading station (a new location for a penny press).  The official CTM Group maps still show a machine at Innoventions and none at Pin Trading, though. (Those maps are not necessarily accurate)

The D23 convention in Anaheim had lots of news.  There was, however, no penny press at this year’s show.




Mystery solved!

Do you have a penny book with the shaped ears?  Have you ever wondered what the small pockets were for?  Thanks to “instructions” on the new books, we now know that those tiny slots are intended for unpressed pennies.

This one’s from Disneyland, but I’ll bet the Disney World books feature the same.

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New penny books at WDW, DL


We received news in early December of new penny books at the parks.  The Disneyland book on the left is already available; the photo comes from an Ebay listing (seller squarecollectibles1).  The second photo shows the Disney World book; the photo is a screen shot from a merchandising webpage at Disney World.  I don’t know if the new book has hit the WDW shelves yet.

Incidentally, at the top of this Blog page you will find various links, including one for Disney penny books.