January 1 approaching . . .

. . . and that means the conversion of the 2016 to possible 2017 dies.

When the dated coin program started at the Emporium, January 1 was the conversion date.  As the program expanded to other locations (now 15 machines in the four main parks plus many hotel/resorts), the conversion took longer.  For the 2014 series (14 coins), it took five weeks.  In 2015 and 2016, it took about four days – the 2016 coins started appearing a couple days before New Year’s Eve.

If you go to the parks, start watching – even before January 1.


Machine locations in 2016:

Penny machines: Magic Kingdom: Emporium, Sir Mickey’s, Splashdown Photos; Epcot: Mouse Gear, Disney Traders; Hollywood Studios: none – machine was moved to Epcot; Animal Kingdom: Chester & Hester’s; Hotels: Grand Floridian, Contemporary Resort

Quarter machines: Magic Kingdom: Main Street railroad station; Epcot: The Land; Hollywood Studios: Stage 1 Company Store (Muppets); Animal Kingdom: Harambe Railroad station; Hotels: Contemporary Resort, All Star Sports, All Star Music

So, if you collect only pennies, you would need to visit 3 parks and 2 hotels (both on the monorail loop) if the locations remain the same. If you also collect quarters, you need to add one park and 2 hotels (both in the All Star area near Animal Kingdom).