Another Star Wars machine installed – this time at Studios

launch-bayAnother zinc-laden 8-die machine was added in early November.  This new Star Wars machine is found at the Launch Bay area (a Star Wars preview/memorabilia exhibit/shop) in the Animation Courtyard at Hollywood Studios.  An earlier announcement from the vendor that runs the penny press operation (CTM Group/The Pennymen) stated that the machine was installed at Disney Springs, but their own maps show the Hollywood Studios location.

This marks the fourth current Star Wars machine (three 8-die, one 3-die).  Two are located at Hollywood Studios, and two at Disney Springs.

There also are ten electronic zinc machines: four at Disney Springs, two at Magic Kingdom, three at Studios (one is the 12-die Heroines machine, the first electronic machine at Disney), and one at Epcot (the “Frozen” set moved from Disney Springs).

On their Facebook page, The Pennymen addressed the criticism of their use of zinc pennies, stating that it is too difficult to obtain copper cents.  Thus, they are aware of collector concerns but are defending their setup.  This sad trend only appears to be intensifying.