8-die machines growing at WDW

Four multi-die electronic machines have been added in 2016, joining 8-die and 12-die machines.

In addition to the two Star Wars machines at Disney Springs (see separate post), a Marvel machine was placed in the Marvel Superheroes Headquarters store at the Disney shopping district in May.

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(above: Marvel set, Frozen set, and Frozen machine)

The fourth machine is another Frozen set, found at the Frozen Fractal Gifts pop-up store in the Echo Lake area of Hollywood Studios.  The designs there are different from the other Frozen-themed coins at other locations.  The machine was installed in July.

All four machines continue the sins found at the other electronic machines: they charge too much ($1 for a single coin, $5 for all 8), and they supply zinc coins so users cannot use their own preferred copper cents.  Nonetheless, I can appreciate the convenience of having the machine press coins while you wait (instead of turning a crank in 95-degree heat) and the acceptance of bills and credit cards to reduce the number of quarters guests must carry.