More January updates

Quality Concerns

The quality of the machines at Disney World has been a problem since Disney visibly outsourced the machines to a private contractor.  Pennies press very short, cutting off the design – especially at Hollywood Studios – and there seem to be a higher number of machines out of service at any given time.  This is frustrating to guests who may have only one opportunity to visit a particular park.

Luigi’s Garage closed

The Luigi’s Garage area has been closed. It was mainly used as a meet-and-greet for Lightning McQueen and Mater.  The machine at that location has disappeared (confirmed missing on January 7) and cast members did not know if it was removed or just relocated.  The machine has been moved to the courtyard at the Rock ‘n Roller Coaster.

Sorcerer’s Hat/Hollywood Junction


Two machines at the Sorcerer’s Hat store at Hollywood Studios were removed in early 2015 when the hat was taken down.  I have confirmed that the penny press has been repainted green and has popped up at Hollywood Junction, an outdoor information center at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard.  The machine still has two coins from the Pixar “Up” film and two Phineas & Ferb designs. reported that he machine was placed in July 2015.

Will the quarter machine also return?  It’s unlikely, as two of the designs were for obsolete attractions (the hat and the Backlot Tour).

Uncirculated zinc still being used

The two mega-machines installed in 2015 (8-die Frozen machine at Disney Springs and 12-die Princesses machine at In Character Shop/Hollywood Studios) continue to provide the penny, and continue to provide uncirculated U.S. zinc pennies.

Disney Quest

Keep in mind that Disney Quest is slated to close on an unknown date in 2016.  There are 8 pennies with unique Disney Quest theming, and I expect those machine swill be retired when the time comes.  Two machines with Wreck-It Ralph designs (6 coins) may survive, but all movies have a “shelf life” and there is no reason to think those machines will be around forever.  As a result, if you are at Disney Quest, you might want to stock up on traders!

Mickey’s of Hollywood

Three machines (and a change machine) at Mickey’s of Hollywood have been removed.  These machines were all built into the wall, but they were right at a busy store entrance and caused a few logjams.

Two machines were moved to Pizza Planet, and one to Prop Shop.  The change machine – the only one in the front of Hollywood Studios – is gone.  Change machines that accept $20 bills are still available in the Prop Shop and Pizza Planet.

Click on the link at the top of this page for a complete list of Disney World change machines.



The machines at Innoventions in Epcot continue to move around.  In the beginning, there were machines in Innoventions East and Innoventions West.  The East machine moved West – one machine at the front door, one at the rear.  Now the East machine has returned home to Innoventions East.

Meanwhile, Innoventions West has been cleared of all exhibits after sponsorship deals ended.  There are still video games at the rear door, and the West penny press can be found at that location.  Look for this location to eventually close for some type of refurbishment.  Hopefully the machine will be still be available at East at that time.


Some old coin books still available

A few of the old Tinkerbell penny books were still available at Test Track’s store in early January 2016.