China gets its machines

For years China had been the only country without pressed pennies, but in November 2015 it got two machines.  The outdoor machine has 4 dies, and the machine inside the gift shop right across the walkway has 3 dies.  The hand-crank 4-die machine is the only crank machine I am aware of with lighting inside, which makes it easier to use at night (by contrast, you can see virtually nothing at the Japan pavilion, where both machines sit in near-total darkness).EP.3536.s.china

The coins of the 3-die machine are shown at the top.  They have Pluto, Minnie Mouse, and Mickey Mouse.  The bottom 4 come from the crank machine, and depict Goofy, Goofy pulling Mickey and Minnie in a rickshaw, Mulan, and Donald Duck.