2016 coins are here!

The 2016 dated coins started being installed in the last couple days of December and carried into the first week of January. There are 7 quarters and 8 pennies, and they are exact replacements for the 2015 dated coins.

The locations and descriptions are:

Pennies: Magic Kingdom: Emporium front door (castle); Sir Mickey’s (Sorcerer Mickey holding hands out); Splash Mountain store (large 2016 surrounded by four characters).

Epcot: Mouse Gear (Sorcerer Mickey guiding waves of water).

Hollywood Studios: Prop Shop (horizontal large 2016 with sorcerer’s hat on the zero).

Animal Kingdom: Chester & Hester’s (Sorcerer Mickey with wand).

Hotels: Contemporary Resort: (horizontal, 6 characters).  Grand Floridian second-floor lobby: (Goofy playing drum).

Quarters: Magic Kingdom: under Main Street Railroad Station (castle).

Epcot: The Land – outside Garden Grill (Donald Duck with tuba).

Hollywood Studios: Pizza Planet (machine formerly located in Mickey’s of Hollywood) (2016 design with sorcerer’s hat on the zero).

Animal Kingdom: Harambe Railroad Station/Wildlife Express (Pluto with saxophone).

Hotels: Contemporary Resort (horizontal ornate 2016 design).  All Star Sports arcade (Minnie Mouse with cello).  All Star Music arcade (Daisy Duck with violin).