2016 coins complete

2016 sticker

As of January 1, all 2015 coins have been replaced with 2016 designs.  The parks’ theme for 2016 is “Music, Magic, Memories,” so the coins generally feature pictures of Disney characters with musical instruments or Sorcerer Mickey performing magic.

The machines are the same as those that featured 2015 dated coins, although one machine has been moved.  All the coins are found at the main four theme parks and at select hotels (no Disney Springs or water parks).  The locations are:

Magic Kingdom: quarters: Main Street Railroad Station; pennies: Splash Mountain store, Sir Mickey’s, and Emporium

Epcot: quarter: The Land; penny: Mouse Gear

Hollywood Studios: quarter: Pizza Planet (machine moved from Mickey’s of Hollywood); penny: Prop Shop

Animal Kingdom: quarter: Harambe Railroad Station; penny: Chester & Hester’s

Hotel resorts: quarters: All Star Music, All Star Sports, Contemporary; pennies: Contemporary, Grand Floridian

There are 8 pennies and 7 quarters.  I am still waiting to see if a 16th location will be added to fit the year.  Pictures will be coming in a week or so after my next visit.