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Alas, keeping up with a blog has proved difficult.  The links on this blog (such as Mold-A-Rama machines or change machines at Disney World) will remain active, but new content will not be added to the blog.

All new information will appear on our Facebook page, zzzcoins.  Please look for it and “like” the page to receive frequent updates.



Snow White DW0006 restrikes on nickels, aluminum yens

zzzcoins has commissioned a restrike of the DW0006 “Snow White Premieres” coin first made available in 1987.  100 new uncirculated nickels and 40 circulated Japanese yen coins (aluminum) have been used.  These will primarily be used as bonus give-aways with qualifying orders from my website, but I wanted to get the word out so the sudden appearance of new pressings is explained.  They may be offered for sale, but I wanted to get this news out in case other copies reach the market.

This information has also been shared with the Parkpennies website, which maintains a catalog entry for these types of Disney-related coins on its “Disney Wannabe” (DW) list.


We haven’t forgotten you . . .

Life has been pretty busy, so I have not regularly updated this blog. I will have more information about the Disney Springs-area hotel machines (5 machines) and a new machine at the Hilton in the Bonnet Creek area.

In the meantime, our Facebook page (zzzcoins) stays more up-to-date and also features nearly daily posts highlighting a day in Disney history as illustrated by an elongated coin.  Like that page to receive those updates.


UPDATED! 6 new designs for Animal Kingdom 20th

8138Six new penny designs have been placed to commemorate Animal Kingdom’s 20th anniversary. They also jointly promote the Disney Conservation Fund.

All three coins at the Conservation Station machine (in the Rafiki’s Planet Watch area of the park) have been replaced.  In addition, at the Outpost shop at the AK entrance, one coin in one machine and two in another have been replacedUpdate: the 3 coins were originally distributed in 2 Outpost Shop machines, but were rearranged a few days later and now are found in a single machine


Conservation Station: adult Simba; Timon; Pumbaa

Outpost Shop (all from Up movie): Russell; Dug; Kevin the bird

Old, replaced:

Conservation Station: Donald with map; Goofy & giraffe; Simba & friends

Outpost Shop: Safari Minnie Mouse; Shere Khan; Safari Pluto

Will the old designs re-appear after the anniversary year? It seems Disney has changed the name of the conservation fund, so I’m not sure they’ll bring back the Conservation Station designs.



Pirates update includes new machine

You may be aware that the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World was recently altered to remove the wench auction, turn the women into pirates, and have them auctioning off the townspeople’s goods.  (Disneyland’s version will be changed this summer.)

Another change when the attraction re-opened this week: the 3-die machine was replaced by an 8-die zinc machine.  All the designs are based on the Pirates theme, and more than half feature classic animated characters in Pirates garb.

We can only assume that the rapid expansion of 8-die machines means the guests have welcomed (financially) the higher price point and zinc cents, even if the collector community continues to grumble.  If nothing else, we’re sure the merchandising department at Disney appreciates not giving change.